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Based on 690 dramatic texts from the TextGrid Repository, we will enrich the encoding by provide tei:who attributes to the tei:speaker element and further more. So come on and start to find simple is relations in level one. You can collect a single point per relation and this score doubles if another player verifies your submission. Your task will become more challenging in higher levels and you will get more points for single assignments...Good Luck!

Welcome to Level 1

Your task: Find simple is-relations

In general your task in this level is to select items in the list, that appear to be the same speaker. Select the items speakerwise, and click [ MERGE] at the bottom, when you identified a single one, that comes with more then one name. Please ignore groups except they are named differntly. "ROBERT UND HELFER" is the same as "HELFER UND ROBERT" so please merge these items, but do not merge "ROBERT" with "ROBERT UND HELFER".

For example if a list contains "ODOARDO" and "ODOARDO GALOTTI", select those two and click [ MERGE].

You think that there is nothing more to do in this play? Click [ DONE].

Sorting the list

Sometimes it helps when you sort the list in order of the alphabet. Click on the item [] in the upper toolbar and click again if you want to go back to the order of appearance.

Skip a play

You can click on [ NEXT] to skip a play.

Welcome to Level 2

Your task: Mark all groups, aggregations and items, where more than one actor speak.

In our dramas you often can find aggregations or groups as speakers. In this level your task is to mark all of these instances. To mark an instance as an aggregation or group you have to wipe the element to the left until you can see the group-icon. Click on the icon to mark the element as an aggregation or to remove your selection. An already marked element will have a red group-icon.

You think that there is nothing more to do in this play? Click [ DONE].

Welcome to Level 3

Your task: Mark all items, that belong to the highlighted group.

Now as you are aware of aggregations and groups within the speaker instances the next challenge for you is to further specify and resolve them. For example in some cases we know exactly who is behind Beide or Alle. One easy case would be elements like Frau Fluthe und Frau Page. The only thing you have to do here is to tell us that Frau Fluthe und Frau Page=Frau Fluthe + Frau Page.There will be aggregations or groups you cannot further specify because of missing details. In this case you can just tell that you have no clue.

Welcome to Level 4

Your task: Determine the gender of an entity. Please specify if it is a human being in case of an "unkown" gender.

You get list of the speakers that is refined by your input from level one and two. Please select a gender for every speaker and click on [ SAVE] when the list is completed.